Jyamma Games

Jyamma Games is an Italian independent game studio born with the aim to create “Hi-Fun Powered Videogames.

A chat with Paola Caridi – Game Designer at Jyamma Games

Paola is a Game Designer at Jyamma Games. She loves designing games for players to enjoy. Let’s find out in this interview Paola’s take on working at Jyamma Games and the current situation for women in the video games industry!

When Jackie first talked me into the project I was immediately convinced, because of the family-like environment he wanted to create and the chance to get to do the world’s greatest job for years.

I always say the first thing a game designer should think about is creating fun games which the user will be able to enjoy. That’s the main priority of a game designer and it has to be the thing that influences everything he or she does: Workflow design, game mechanics design and other members’ work supervision.

Video games design is very challenging in my opinion. And that’s mainly for one reason, you always have to keep a double perspective on what you’re doing.

You don’t have to only think about design but you also have to take the gamers’ perspective into account, which everyone of us has, because we’re all video game players.

It’s not always easy to take both aspects into account.
Working in a team such as Jyamma’s is great because we all knew each other and we luckily ended up working together. Luckily we got on very well with each other from the very beginning, It’s such great thing to find the same environment from the previous years also today at work.
It’s very motivating and keeps you going to work everyday with a smile on your face.
Software houses should invest more on women beacuse, after all, it’s true that we have a different sensitivity, and, in my opinion, it can only bring benefits to the industry.
But I have to say the situation is changing quickly in these years and big roles are often taken by women. Many examples come to my mind, even here in Italy, like Cristina at Ubisoft in Milan, or Elisa Farinetti in Broken Arms Games.

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