Jyamma Games

Jyamma Games is an Italian independent game studio born with the aim to create “Hi-Fun Powered Videogames.

Milan-based studio Jyamma Games ready to deliver your next video game addiction

As an emerging gaming reality, independent games studio Jyamma Games, based in Milan, is trying to leave a path on the future of the industry delivering the most fun video games ever.

Jyamma Games founder and CEO Giacomo Greco, who started his carrier into the music business as a producer (aka Jacky Greco, who also boasts a collaboration with the rapper Snoop Dogg), created the “core development team” of Jyamma Games, following the ideas of teamwork and creativity. Jyamma Games’s team is a reckless, creative and visionary group of people who delivers all of these qualities through their games, with nods to different niches covering from design enthusiasts to retro-game nostalgics.

The main goal of Jyamma Games is to bring fun and enjoyable games to their audience in unconventional ways: the game itself isn’t defined within its own limits – the games are ways through players discover great design and find their own challenges.

“Nowadays technology allows us to go over the classics and show them in different ways to the public. This happens in each and every field, think about the cinema” says CEO Giacomo Greco, “it’s basically a need of taking everything that has been successful in the past and showing it to the new generations which couldn’t witness the power that some productions had during their own eras”, he adds, “but, of course, everything needs to be re-contextualized to a different world and a different society”, he concludes.

Jyamma Games is set to addictively sneak – and stay – in your pocket.

Each one of us owns a smartphone, therefore a gaming console. Jyamma Games is determined to bring their over the top and ambitious productions to as many mobile phones as possibile, from hard-core to casual gamers – and they’re doing it their own way.

From a point of view of animation fans, Jyamma Games team aims to bring certain types of artistic environments into their games with an additional touch, so that they can entertain people and let them enter a completely crazy world. And that is the atmosphere you will be able to feel everyday in Jyamma Games studios, where the personalities of each end every team members are translated into their productions.

The world is set to embark on an intergalactic expedition with “Hi-Ball Rush” and we can’t wait to see where Jyamma Games will bring us in the future.

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