Jyamma Games

Jyamma Games is an Italian independent game studio born with the aim to create “Hi-Fun Powered Videogames.

A chat with Andrea Beneduci – Game Designer at Jyamma Games

Andrea is a Game Designer at Jyamma Games. Andrea takes care of the development of the game itself in each of its phases. Watch this interview to hear more about the creation process of video games!

I was brought to Jyamma Games by my interest in the project introduced to me by Giacomo, which I liked from the very beginning both for the goals and for the approach.

I work for Jyamma Games at our Milan studio in Bovisa and we’ve been working on our first game for two months now. I’m in charge of designing the game we’re going to develop, of every phase from ideation to the development. I am also in charge of developing some parts of the game.

Working in a team such as Jyamma Games is surely a unique opportunity. It’s a true luck being able to work with people you already know so you know their work ethics and you get along well. What stimulates me the most is the atmosphere we created combined with the goals set by Giacomo.

This sums up to a true happiness of going to work and meeting everybody.

Development is basically the creation process of what has been previously designed. Development sees the creation of the game itself, while design is the phase where the game is thought out.

Designing video games can be easy or hard, it’s an extremely diverse world. It’s very difficult to create a product that fits the current market, because there is a variety of factors to take into account. So, making everything work out is very challenging, even more than developing the game itself.

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