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Jyamma Games is an Italian independent game studio born with the aim to create “Hi-Fun Powered Videogames.

Jyamma Games

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Jyamma Games presents the new gameplay reveal teaser for Enotria: The Last Song for the first time at Tokyo Game Show 2022

Last year, the indie gaming studio Jyamma Games, based in Milan, delighted the Tokyo Game Show 2021 audience with a teaser for the upcoming game they have been developing under the working title Project Galileo.
This year, the studio has released a new reveal teaser of the gameplay, showing for the first time a peek at the game’s footage, and announcing at last the official logo and title of the project:
Enotria: The Last Song.
The Soulslike game is still in development, however it has already had a substantial number of followers on social platforms such as Instagram and Youtube, who will not be disappointed from what Jyamma Games has in store for them.

The Game:
Enotria: The Last Song is an Action RPG Soulslike set in a fantasy world based off Italian folklore and culture.
It is defined as a Souls-like but unlike other Souls-likes we are depicting a world based off Italian summer colours, as we call it, ”Summer-Soul”.

Our objective is to bring our rich past and culture to the fore in a new way that is appealing to the broader public. What we need to convey from the art direction is the colours, vibrancy, and general feeling of visiting Italy during summer.

Gameplay High-Level:
Stoyan Stoyanov Gameplay Director:
“The goal with Enotria is to capture the heart & soul of souls-likes, with rewarding exploration, diverse player builds, varied enemy designs and then build on it with our own unique twist. With Ardore, the player always has access to two states, allowing them to influence enemy behaviours, dynamically alter the world around them, solve puzzles & harness the very elements in systemic ways. We believe this is a fresh take on the genre – one that is as weird, engaging and rewarding for players to explore out of combat as it is during.”

The Narrative:
Francesco Abbonizio Creative and Art Director:
“Enotria is set in the omonimous continent, a place where many cultures and countries thrived in their own ways – until everything was damned to ruin – The curse of the Canovaccio has ever since taken hold over the land and has stripped its inhabitants of anything but the role they have to perform for the Play, and this meaningless world has become nothing more than an empty, if beautiful, husk. In your quest to try to restore the land to its former glory there will be few helpers and many enemies, the ones who have created the Canovaccio in the first place, and the ones which are bound to it in servitude, unwitting obstacles to your journey. Yet, is it even possible to bring Enotria back to its glory? And are things as they really seem?”

The Player:
The player is an oddity in this stale world. Born outside of the Canovaccio, its power it’s a direct violation of the Play and will lay a unique array of tools to push back against the encroaching curse.

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