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Jyamma Games is an Italian independent game studio born with the aim to create “Hi-Fun Powered Videogames.

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Project Galileo: the Souls-Like Made in Italy takes more and more shape

One year after the motion capture sessions to record gestures and movements of the different protagonists of the video game, the independent Milanese software house Jyamma Games is ready to unveil the latest developments of the Souls-Like totally set in Italy.

Jyamma Games decided to tell the new and important steps forward of its gem for pc and consoles, Project Galileo, a Souls-like AA+ that will celebrate and promote the environmental and cultural beauties of Italy.
One year after the motion capture sessions to create the demo, Jyamma Games presents the progress of the work and reveals part of the storyline that will distinguish Project Galileo in the gaming market internationally.

“The more I watch Project Galileo grow and take shape, the more satisfied and grateful I am for the work the entire team has accomplished; we are realizing our personal dream in the drawer. The story of Project Galileo is captivating, the setting’s design will leave the player speechless and the perception will be that of being catapulted among the Italian beauties in a fantasy world. Here the masks, of which Italy is rich, will represent an essential element not only of the plot but also of the gameplay,” says Giacomo Greco, CEO and founder of Jyamma Games.

During the year, the team of Jyamma Games has grown steadily and has seen the entry into the big Milanese family of key and prominent figures in the industry as Francesco Abbonizio, in the role of creative and artistic director and Aram Shahbazians, in the role of audio director. Thanks to the collaboration and inspiration of the talents of the independent software house that counts more than 50 collaborators, of which more than 25% are female professionals, Project Galileo has reached a crucial phase: the presentation of the build to the publishers that will accompany the arrival of the videogame on the international market.

With the help of new keyarts, Jyamma Games unveils today some relevant features of Project Galileo’s story: the setting, the player’s role and the characters that will be met during the game’s development.


Project Galileo is set in a fantasy world, a continent made up of many small kingdoms that over the centuries have developed their own culture, trading and fighting each other, and eventually, all succumbing to the power that plagues the entire world.
Despite this power, the world of Project Galileo remains a place rich in beauty, with breathtaking views even if the beauty itself is purposeless in a captive world.

``The Duchy seen from this peak still remains a majestic panorama, the turquoise water breaks against the white cliffs, the cultivated hills give way to the city ... and the distant mountains are meanwhile devoured by madness ...``

A central element to the plot and setting is stagnation.
The power that holds each kingdom in check is encased in a mysterious object and represents the evil that has befallen the country. However, it is not a corrupting force like the “Vacuity” in Dark Souls, but a greater evil that has trapped the story itself, preventing the world from moving forward and progressing.

The Player

The player will not be a citizen, a hero, or any inhabitant of the continent, but will represent a natural force in human form whose sole purpose of being is to destroy the object that caused the stagnation in the world and eliminate those who created and guard it.

“The streets of Elsa were full of the buzz of artisans, goldsmiths and merchants, today people are barricaded their homes or forced to work in the Palazzo, avoiding the terrible punishments of the Golden Lady”
The Character

The player will meet other non-hostile people and creatures on his path, with whom the protagonist will also clash, but who will try to support him as much as they can.

What are the next steps? For further information visit the official website project-galileo.com

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