Jyamma Games

Jyamma Games is an Italian independent game studio born with the aim to create “Hi-Fun Powered Videogames.

Jyamma Games

Jyamma Games is back with Go-Down: a Casual Pv‪P

Jyamma Games Studio doesn’t stop surprising with new games, this time with Go Down, an addictive and innovative multiplayer mobile game. PRE-SAVE the game now on Google Play or Apple Store and do not miss the release on April 1.

Go Down is a simple but fast-paced exciting and addictive hyper-casual game. The task is easy: fall to the bottom of the screen. To do this the player should just touch the screen to control the character. Along the way the mission is to avoid getting squished by the sharp moving blades, collect coins and have fun. As moving forward with the levels, the character will run faster and faster. The further it goes the more score it has.

Go Down is a challenging video game, with PvP mode available, that works for kids and adults alike. The player competes with a friend or random people for a higher score and the winner grabs all the coins put into the match. The coins accumulated can be used in the game’s store for additional characters, to unlock lives and access the multiplayer mode.

But the fun doesn’t stop! The player can customise their own style, by choosing a cow and a particular gun with different abilities among attractive and funny skins. Additionally, each cow and gun can be upgraded that give a boost for reaching the top of the global leaderboard. All of this in a hyper-immersive environment with high quality sound effects and 3d graphics.

The play becomes more excited in the endless mode, where the fun has no end! With the abilities earned in the progression of the levels mode here the player compete with other players from around the world for a top spot on the endless leaderboard.

Jyamma Games Studio is a young Milanese studio that has been operating for over a year and has already launched three mobile games to the market: Hi-Ball Rush – a tribute to the masterpiece ‘’Pong’’, with a crazy and unexpected twist; Matchy Catch – a puzzle match game with unique gameplay that brings the love for puzzles to a whole new level and Cowzuuka – a new arcade out-of-this-world shooting game.

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