Jyamma Games

Jyamma Games is an Italian independent game studio born with the aim to create “Hi-Fun Powered Videogames.

Jyamma Games

Independent studio Jyamma Games shares support to gamer’s community by recruiting a new member in its Mobile-Gamers Team

The COVID-19 emergency is affecting the world on multiple levels and in different areas. Newly-born Jyamma Games Studio, based in Milan, wants to show its support to the gaming community by letting one passionate gamer join its Mobile-Gamers Team.

Jyamma Games is sharing the World Health Organization’s (WHO) message on ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by encouraging everyone to stay home and #PlayApartTogether!

The Game Studio who recently released the hit mobile game Hi-Ball Rush, is now looking at the global gaming community and wants to show its support in these difficult times.

“Experiencing a worldwide emergency in 2020 is truly eye-opening on so many levels” says Jyamma Games CEO and Producer Giacomo Greco. “In a time where human interaction is halted by a spreading virus, we strongly believe that promoting a sense of community and shared values will benefit us as a whole.” He adds. “This is why we want to show support to our beloved gamer’s community that, now more than ever, is facing a hard time in real life, and often relies on online gaming as a safe and bonding place.” He concludes.

It’s true that the majority of online gamers have always sheltered and bonded with each other thanks to modern technologies and online communities. And this is where Jyamma Games wants to make a small but great impact.



Jyamma Games is looking for a gamer who will be able to join forces with the Italian Studio to go on fun and entertaining live streaming sessions as a member of the in-house Mobile-Gamers team. Not only, in order to do so, Jyamma Games will provide the chosen person with everything he or she needs with the aim to have a seamless streaming experience. “Having a streaming station and being able to stream with the community is a dream of many” Says Federico Ferrarese, Lead Artist at Jyamma Games. “This is why we want to promote these values by providing all the fundamental tools for someone to become part of this big family.” He adds. “I’m very excited to have a new member join our Mobile-Gamers Team, together we will embark on a new adventure by playing games and streaming with our community of game lovers.” He concludes.

Jyamma Games is not only starting off their first year with a brand new game, Hi-Ball Rush, but it is also showing support to the gamer’s community where all of the team members are a part of. We’re all excited to know who the next member of the Mobile-Gamers Team at Jyamma Games will be and which steps the innovative and young milanese studio will take in the following months.

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