Jyamma Games

Jyamma Games is an Italian independent game studio born with the aim to create “Hi-Fun Powered Videogames.

Jyamma Games

Rock with Cowzuuka into the new SUMMER SPLASH seasonal event!

Milan, ITALY – Jyamma Games announces the SUMMER SPLASH Seasonal Event for the mobile video game Cowzuuka. The event embraces the summer vibes with the new irresistible summer-inspired packs.

The player can equip their own cows amongst the new fun and exciting skins: from lifeguard cow to scuba diver cow with the new underwater weapons in a hyper immersive Baywatch beach or coral reef environments.

Whether you live and whether you spend your summer vacation, come and have fun with us under Cowzuuka sun!

Cowzuuka is a challenging and insane arcade game where the player rocks with the funniest cow and shoots the falling orbs from the UFO that spawns through the sky. As the orbs are hit, they break apart into smaller ones until they disappear completely.

But the fun doesn’t stop! The player can customise their own style, by choosing a cow and a particular gun with different abilities among attractive and funny skins. Additionally, each cow and gun can be upgraded that give a boost for reaching the top of the global leaderboard. All of this in a hyper-immersive environment with high quality sound effects and 3d graphics.

Jyamma Games is an independent Italian development studio that brings the funniest video games ever to the market. The company has been operating for almost two years and has already made four video games for mobile devices: Cowzuuka, Matchy Catch, Go Down and Hi-Ball Rush.

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