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Enotria: The Last Song – New Trailer, Demo Update, Contests for Summer Game Fest

Milan, Italy – June 7th, 2024


Menacing, Italian folklore-inspired soulslike Enotria: The Last Song is gearing up to participate in Summer Game Fest, and there’s plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks. First, Enotria has just received a brand new cinematic trailer shown during Summer Game Fest, which you can watch below!

To celebrate the game’s inclusion during Steam Next Fest, developer Jyamma Games is running a set of contests to give Enotria players an additional challenge – plus some nifty rewards.

Players can look forward to a set of speedrun challenges that will no doubt test their skills, along with the Become the Mask of Change challenge, which will require entrants to create a loadout and backstory that fits their character. Curious about the rewards? Players will have a chance to earn t-shirts, Enotria game keys, and even a custom PlayStation Dualsense controller and PlayStation 5 console for the top performer across each contest. For more information, check out the official contest details here.

The Enotria demo is now publicly available and has received a major update today, with an array of fixes and improvements. From gameplay improvements to UI fixes and performance enhancements, the experience will be much smoother for players to take the fight to the Authors and break the chains of fate. For the full list of demo fixes, please visit the Enotria Discord channel here.

Pre-orders for the physical edition of the game is coming soon, and dates will be announced in the coming weeks.


Enotria: The Last Song will launch for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on September 19, 2024. Wishlist the game on Steam and check out the demo. Stay up to date by visiting the official website, joining the official Discord and SubReddit, and following the game on Twitter/X, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.


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