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Jyamma Games is an Italian independent game studio born with the aim to create “Hi-Fun Powered Videogames.

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Jyamma Games announces New Release Date for Enotria: The Last Song

Milan  March 21, 2024


Jyamma Games is announcing the LAUNCH DATE for Enotria: The Last Song during the Future Games Show and for the occasion a new gameplay trailer is presented. 


The vast sun-lit world awaits players in Enotria on AUGUST 21st, 2024, coming to PC via Steam & Epic Games Store and PlayStation®5. The Xbox Series X|S release it’s postponed and will be revealed soon.

In addition to the new gameplay trailer announcing the new release date, the Jyamma Games development team is having a DEMO coming soon. 


 I’m proud of the work that the entire team has accomplished, especially when considering that we are an indie company team of just 60 people, in contrast to the numerous souls-like games that have been recently developed by teams, including outsourcing assistance, numbering over 700 individuals.

During the transition from Unreal 4 to Unreal 5, we managed to expand the game and elevate it in terms of content and quality going beyond the expected AA standards. Presently, the game offers 3 Main regions with over 40 hours of gameplay, more than 100 different enemies, supported by a robust RPG system.

We focused extensively on aspects beloved by souls-like players, particularly the diversity of builds and weaponry. 

Our Skill Tree and Mask-switch systems promise to revolutionize the souls-like genre with unprecedented build diversification.

Currently, we offer 68 skills and 30 masks, resulting in over 150 million possible combinations. This, coupled with over 120 available weapons, 30 aspects (stats modifiers), and more than 45 spells, expands the possibilities beyond anything seen before.

We are eagerly anticipating the freedom players will have within our game.

A demo will soon be released on PS5, Steam, and Epic store, affording potential buyers the opportunity to experience the game before making a purchase. We are confident they will be enamored with it, and this will also provide us with valuable feedback from players worldwide.

Regarding the release on Xbox, we have decided, in the interest of ensuring a superior experience for PC and PS5 players, to reassess the possibility of an Xbox release post-launch.


Giacomo Greco, Jyamma Games CEO

Enotria: The Last Song is an Action RPG ’’Summer souls’’ Soulslike, inspired off Italian folklore and culture, set in a fantasy world that invites players to wear role-altering masks and wield the power of Ardore to unravel the secrets of a land stuck in an endless play. As the Mask of Change, players will face formidable foes and alter reality to free unwilling actors from a twisted eternal script not of their making.



🔸Wield Ardore to alter the world around you


🔸Stay on the offensive with quicksteps and chainable parries


🔸Strike foes to charge powerful magical Lines


🔸Strategically swap between up to three Loadouts at any time


🔸Break an enemies posture for a devastating attack, granting you a mighty Awakened buff


🔸Reveal the secrets of Enotria to gain Inspiration & unlock new perks in the Path of Innovators

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