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Enotria: The Last Song – Dev Diary #1 I Behind The Mask

Milan, Italy – May 24th, 2024


Hello everyone, It’s the Jyamma Games team!

Welcome to our first developer diary. In this video we provide an overview of Enotria: The Last Song, talk to our team members, and show off some behind-the-scenes footage and gameplay clips.

Below is a summary of the highlights of the video:

The Game Director, Stoyan Stoyanov, reveals what Enotria is and how we approach the storytelling in Enotria, the biggest challenges that we faced during the development and what makes Enotria unique in terms of mechanics.

The Lead Game Designer, Erik Nascimben, highlights the gameplay unique approach. He is talking about Loadouts, Mask Lines, Path of Innovators and Mask Perks, Enotria Combat Loop.

The Art Director, Federico Ferrarese, explains what inspired the team to create Enotria: The Last Song, the creative decisions made during the development and how they impacted the game’s design.

The Executive Producer, Andrea Beneduci, is discussing how the team is working to achieve their goals in terms of production processes, vision for the final output and the target audience.

We hope you will enjoy learning more about our game and the talented team behind it!


Players who want to stay up to date with Enotria: The Last Song after wishlisting and playing the demo can check out the Enotria: The Last Song Official Website, join the official Discord and SubReddit, and follow the game on Twitter/XYouTubeTikTokInstagram, and Facebook.

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