Jyamma Games

Jyamma Games is an Italian independent game studio born with the aim to create “Hi-Fun Powered Videogames.


Jyamma Games studio is looking for a Cinematic Designer to join the production team to work on the announced AA game, Project Galileo. You will be responsible for the integration of the scripted events and the cinematics into the engine throughout the production, in collaboration with other departments.

Daily Responsabilities: 

  • Create narrative moments, including in-game dialogue scenes by working on the rhythm, the cameras and the characters animation.
  • Establish the list of assets that other departments need for each scripted/cinematic event.
  • Organize and coordinate the resolution of technical problems on the assigned topics
  • Initiate and participate in knowledge sharing, problem-solving, and technology watch
  • Optimize processes and pipeline on the animations integrations in the engine
  • Document the pipeline and animation systems for internal knowledge sharing
  • Propose creative ideas and solutions to improve the efficiency of the integration pipeline


  • Previous experience in the video game industry 
  • Good filming and directing sense
  • Good knowledge of engine (Unreal) constraints and programming basics
  • The understanding of scripting languages is a plus
  • Experience with character and camera animation on 3D software is a plus
  • Experience in video editing and editing is an asset for this position
  • Experience with Unreal Sequencer

By joining Jyamma Games, you’re taking yourself on a journey into the true Italian DNA: emotions, poetry, breathtaking landscapes, thousand years of folklore, masterpiece craftsmanship, and absolutely no compromise for mind-blowing experiences.

Cinematic Designers should include a portfolio in their application. As a part of the recruitment process, a candidate for this position might be asked to perform a test.